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Programmable Thermostats for Medicine Hat Homes

Gone are the days when you had to control the heating or cooling of your entire house with a single thermostat in the kitchen. Now Baumann’s Ventilation & Plumbing offers Carrier® zoning systems, which control different areas of your house according to usage and other individual elements (like what time of day the sunlight streams into your den window, for instance). Our experienced technicians can guide you through the best options for programmable thermostats for your Medicine Hat home.

Things to Consider

When choosing a control system, it’s always best to think about your family’s habits and the physical characteristics of your home. Consider:

  • Programmable Do you want to be able to program different temperatures for your home at different times, reducing your home’s heating levels during winter weekdays, for instance, when everyone’s gone? You can save a lot of energy this way.

  • Humidity Control Keeping track of indoor humidity levels is important in terms of comfort. Carrier’s Infinity™ Control or Thermidistat™ Control devices, when paired with a humidifier, will determine when your home falls outside the optimal 40-60% humidity range and take corrective action.

  • Other Options An outdoor temperature sensor can send information about outdoor temperatures to your indoor thermostat, not only for informative purposes but also to avoid condensation build-up on windows. Carrier’s Infinity™ Control has TrueSense™ dirty filter detector tells you when to clean or replace your indoor filter, keeping your system cleaner.

Carrier® Infinity System

It’s a control for your heating and cooling system, and it also allows you to see your indoor air quality 24 hours a day. When paired with the Infinity air conditioner and gas furnace, plus the Infinity air purifier; this system provides comfort, efficiency, cleanliness and cost savings.


Heating and cooling zoning is helpful when different family members prefer different temperatures, when various parts of your home tend to be hotter or cooler than others, when you have rooms that are seldom used, etc. The Infinity™ Zoning System is Carrier’s answer to these problems, with automatic temperature and humidity adjustments to each zone and with the capacity to handle up to 8 zones.

Save Money Comfortably

Think of the value of zoning. It’s cost-effective, as you can avoid heating or air conditioning guest rooms and other seldom-used spaces. It’s comfortable: you can keep the temperature a bit cooler in your workout room, for instance, and avoid over-heating the kitchen while cooking. And it all happens without your having to think about it, once you’ve set the parameters.


If you have questions or would like to know more about controls, contact us at Baumann’s Ventilation & Plumbing. We look forward to talking with you.


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